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“Like the stars, each of us creates ripples that affect and form our collective future.”

“If the adult world valued it, it would be in schools (and businesses) tomorrow…”

"As technologies evolve, the invitation to us is to contribute to the good of AI by practicing our best human skills.”

Advancing Technology for a Sustainable Planet: IEEE PlanetPositive 2030 with Stanford University HAI & Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment.  

Marisa Zalabak

Co-Chair, Global Methodologies Committee

Committee Report 

For effective Climate Repair "we need to invite everyone to the room...with Regenerative Systems Design & Transdisciplinary Collaboration"

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Stardust and the Uniqueness of
Human Potential

Marisa Zalabak

Speaker Salon NYC 2021

“Like the stars, each of us creates ripples that affect and form our collective future.”

The Unique Role of Humanity
in the Age of AI

Marisa Zalabak

Speakers Who Dare NYC 2020

To understand how SEQ applies to the future of work, take a look at this talk by Open Channel Culture founder, Marisa Zalabak. The Role of Humanity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence


Educational Fire Drills
for Flourishing

Marisa Zalabak


Transforming Talent Acquisition

Marisa Zalabak

Panel discussion with Tim Ringo & Rabih Kfoury


Going Towards the Heat: Speaking Across Difference

Marisa Zalabak

The New School/Vera List Center Theresa Lang Community and Student Center

 Marisa Zalabak is one of those speakers who always sounds conversational, even when she's communicating complex ideas...Her command of material and presence on stage is magnetic.


Tricia Brouk

Award-winning director, filmmaker, author, & producer

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