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Leading Transformation in Crisis with Heart

By Marisa Zalabak

Published March 20, 2020

The world has changed. The waves of this storm are strong, and we need leaders who can be flexible and centered simultaneously.

Leaders who will navigate this tremendous challenge must focus on the mental and emotional health of their people. Adapting to the new realities will mean finding new ways to develop connections and culture. This includes providing new opportunities for communication, establishing new habits and strategies that support the people in their organizational families.

The transfer to intelligent technologies and artificial intelligence, which has already been in process, will increase exponentially, which will require innovation and willingness to shed old ways of thinking. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to bring your people together to explore options and find solutions for new challenges.

One of the best ways to bring people together is through Community Talking Circles.  This can be done in the virtual space with established protocols that increase engagement by valuing each member of the community. This includes providing a trained facilitator and creating Community Agreements that capture practices for five basic human needs: Safety, Security, Respect, Belonging, Love. 

In this new age of crisis and transformation, priorities will need to shift, making “soft skills” more important than ever. This means attending to the emotional and social health of every person we interact with, in work and in life. By caring for ourselves and others, we will have the opportunity to discover new possibilities in this changing world.

If you would like help learning how to do this, Open Channel Culture can help.

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