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Services listed are only suggestions. We work with each client to tailor solutions to their needs. As is necessary in our changing world, we fit the services to your specific situation and goals.

We Help Anyone

If you feel like you don't fit into any of these categories, let's talk!

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We create custom, tailored solutions to meet your specific needs

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We work with

you to reach your goals through expertise and support

Business Meeting

Adaptive Leadership Coaching

We help optimize the unique potential of Adaptive Leaders and teams to co-create and sustain agile cultures for the emerging future through: 1 on 1 Coaching, Team Coaching, Workshops, Consulting, and Public Speaking Services.

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Speaking Topics:

• The Untapped Potential of Human Uniqueness: Reimagining the Great Resignation

• AI Ethics for All: Humanizing Digital Transformation and Sustainability

• Adaptive Leadership: Awareness, Adaptability & Agility for Thriving Organizational Well-Being in the Digital Age

• Transforming Conflict: The Art of Everyday Peacemaking


AI Ethics

Now, in the midst of worldwide change, uncertain times, and digital transformation, industry giants are forming partnerships with international leading business schools--bringing together technologists, social scientists, and humanists to develop best leadership practices for success in the digital age.

Recycling in the Classroom


Learn about: Human Arts Lab (for schools)​, Educational Leadership, School Culture & Climate, Social-Emotional Learning, Racial & Social Equity Training, Conflict Resolution Skills Training, Restorative Circles and Culturally Responsive Classrooms.

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