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Education Offerings


Human Arts Labs
(for Schools)

Interactive, experiential programs reimagining the future through education in essential human skills (ESC-Q) in partnership with intelligent technologies.  Exploring multiple intelligences and disciplines, H.A.L. connects the dots for innovation: head, heart, hand, and creativity.

Educational Leadership, School Culture & Climate

Compassionate Evaluation & Strategic Planning for effective implementation & sustainable transformation leading to improved social-emotional and academic outcomes.


Building foundational building blocks for healthy school culture, climate and community well-being.



Science Class
Art Class

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Training for Educators

Social-Emotional Learning: Skills for living gained through continued practices that foster and develop Self- Awareness, Sell Regulation, Communication, Social Interaction, Conflict Resolution, Problem-Solving, and Effective Decision-Making.

Racial & Social Equity Training

Development of historical and personal understanding of conscious and unconscious biases that limit our actions for equity in daily life.

Fun Presentation
Visualizing ideas on board

Conflict Resolution Skills Training

Development of skills and practices to positive address the psychological and reactive aspects embedded when we find ourselves in challenging interactions with others. 

Restorative Circles

A circle is an adaptable restorative practice that can be used for a variety of proactive and responsive purposes; to develop relationships and build community or to respond to wrongdoing, conflicts and problems. The Circles process provides people with an alternative to hierarchical systems with opportunities for all involved to listen and to be heard in an atmosphere of safety, decorum and equality.

Therapy Session
Professor & Students

Culturally Responsive

Culturally responsive teaching is a research-based approach for educators ability to connect academics with students' cultures, languages, and life experiences, enabling access to rigorous curriculum and development of higher-level academic skills to previously marginalized student populations.


In my 20 years in the work as a school administrator and supporting learning communities, I have yet to find another leadership coach like Marisa. Her facilitation skills are so superior, it is irreplicable. I know that it is not magic or an accidental happening. The outcomes of her teaching are a result of her many years of dedication, practice, and refining. 


Eujin Tang

Education Administrator & Team Leader Continuous Learning Initiative, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Networks for School Improvement (NSI), The Fund for Public Schools and  NYC Department of Education

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