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Stephen Ibaraki
Speaker Salon Showcase with Marisa Zalabak

Stephen Ibaraki has an exclusive interview with Marisa Zalabak: Founder of Open Channel Culture; Educational Psychologist, Adaptive Leadership consultant, Co-chair of Education Committee expanding AI Ethics education, and a contributor to Global Advisory Boards in Peacemaking and Sustainability

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The Big Talk with Tricia Brouk
297 Finding New Ways To Connect – Marisa Zalabak

In today’s challenging environment, it’s more important than ever to find your community. Today’s guest shares how the Speakers Who Dare community helped her take bigger risks, and why we must dig deeper and find new ways to connect.



Chasing Leviathan with PJ Wehry
Ethics of AI: Balancing Optimism & Caution in the Emerging World

In this episode of the Chasing Leviathan podcast, PJ and Marisa Zalabak discuss the complex ethics of artificial intelligence and why, despite the potential hazards of AI, Marisa remains a dedicated optimist regarding the emerging future of humans and our increasingly self-aware technologies.



Making Waves at the C-Level
With Thom Singer

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The Big Talk with Tricia Brouk
Speaker Salon Showcase with Marisa Zalabak

Humanity’s largest untapped resource: Why, despite our uniqueness, we still tend to focus identifying ways to be the same Where innovation and new solutions come from Embracing your own individuality and appreciating the unique abilities of others



Triple Bottom Line Podcast
Marisa Zalabak

 Marisa focuses on the human potential for sustainability, regenerative businesses, while keeping her eye on the future. She's also a co-chair on a committee expanding global AI ethics education with, and serves on multiple global leadership teams for the advancement of the UN sustainable development goals and peacemaking.



Leadership Lessons
Marisa Zalabak

Because understanding literature is better than trying to understand another business book, Leadership Lessons from the Great Books uses the great books of the Western canon to explain, dissect, and analyze leadership best practices.



Entelechy Leadership Stories with Kirstin Gooldy & Mark Stinson
Marisa Zalabak

Coming Soon

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Courage Up with Ming Shelby 
Episode 19: Social Emotional Intelligence with Marisa Zalabak

As kids are headed back to school, Marisa shares what educators can do to build social emotional learning for themselves and transfer this skill to students and families.



Stanley Dumornay Coaching
Episode 2: Conversation with Marisa Zalabak

In this interview we learn about the many dimensions of Social Emotional learning, which is an intrinsic part of conflict resolution. Marisa talks with Stanley about the pandemic has affected conflict in her life and in general. She also shares the top three things that have helped her navigate conflict during these times

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One Sharp Sword with Dr. Wayne Pernell
Marisa Zalabak

Marisa approaches the world and her clients, not from a place of “what’s wrong?” but from a place of exploration of what might be missing and therefore, what might be possible.

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Welcome to My World with Dr. Kristen Donnely 
Marisa Zalabak

Educational psychologist and social-emotional intelligence expert Marisa Zalabak joins the show to discuss her contributions to the recommended engineering standards for the design of Artificial Intelligence and helps re-frame how we all think about our interactions and shared lives with intelligent systems.

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Sonja Pemberton
Marisa Zalabak

Coming Soon



Peace Love and Bring a Bat with David Chametsky
Entering the Human Arts Lab with Marisa Zalabak

Marisa will talk to us about some of the work she is involved in regarding being and training others about organizational leadership, how using AI will add to our creative thinking, planting seeds of social justice and making her world a better place by finding ways to figure it out one thought at a time.

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