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Adaptive Leadership
and Team Coaching

Adaptive Leadership, a practical approach developed by Ron Heifetz & Marty Linsky at Harvard that helps individuals and organizations adapt, problem-solve and thrive in challenging circumstances. 

It’s no secret- Adaptive Leaders that are aware and connected create flourishing cultures that report significantly better talent recruitment, retention, employee engagement, collaboration, well-being, work performance, and client satisfaction.

In addition, Open Channel Culture has added two foundational pillars needed to meet current and future challenges to human & planetary well-being: AI Ethics & Sustainability/Regenerative Practices.

Discover increased potential for innovation with transdisciplinary collaboration.  

We help optimize the unique potential of Adaptive Leaders and teams to co-create and sustain agile cultures for the emerging future through: 1 on 1 Coaching, Team Coaching, Workshops, Consulting, and Public Speaking Services.


Adaptive Leaders:

  • Build psychological safety and collaboration

  • Recognize & understand intention behind their actions

  • Make people feel seen and heard

  • Release limiting mindsets for flexibility and creativity

  • Develop a higher tolerance for ambiguity

  • Cultivate an inner capacity for character growth


6 Pillars of Adaptive Leadership


1. Emotional & Social Intelligence

The development of skills and abilities to:
• Understand our own emotions, strengths and challenges
• Handle daily stressors, self-organize, self-motivate
• Collaborate effectively, empathize with others, appreciate diversity
• Solve problems & deal with conflicts constructively

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2. Organizational Justice

• Establishing procedures and interactions to ensure outcomes that are perceived as fair across the organization
• Three distinct types of organizational justice and injustice: distributive, procedural, and interactional
• Creating procedures and systems for regularly assessing and rebalancing inequities fosters a culture of self-
awareness, reflection, and “repair vs blame.”

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3. Personal Development

• Adaptive Leadership requires the willingness to model what
it takes to learn...and unlearn.
• Can you let others see when you don’t know the answer?
• Do you allow others to fail as part of their learning?
• What do you need or want to learn more about?
• What does practicing look like for you? Does it need to look
the same in others?

Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 10.42.22 AM.png

4. Applied Character

• Character strengths are not fixed
• Effectively enlisting character strengths involves awareness and ability to draw on traits needed in the moment.
• Diverse challenges requires diverse strengths with the ability to reflect and develop.
• What character strengths did you use today? Which will
you need tomorrow?

Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 11.49.53 AM.png

5. AI Ethics

Effective leaders for the future contribute to the potential and consequences of AI.
This requires a multidisciplinary approach; combining AI literacy with human skills to promote human-centered development & mobilization of AI systems.

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6. Sustainability & Regenerative Business

Create a legacy of flourishing. With a dedicated thought partner, learn leading science, methods, and strategies in Regenerative Systems Design, Leadership, and Technology to address human and planetary well-being, transforming into a thriving organization for current and future generations. 

 Learn more on Adaptive Leadership with our free downloadable pdf!

Adaptive Leadership Offerings


1 : 1 Leadership Coaching

Through individual coaching, we can explore what that may be holding you back and discover new satisfaction, connecting the personal with the professional.

By identifying your known and hidden strengths, we will work to create new pathways that support your beliefs and values.

Get help with a thought partner to help you navigate change, challenges and conflict and see clearly what's getting in the way.

Plans are designed individually to fit your needs.

Organizational Culture &
Change Management

A full range of options are available to help identify and address as a regular part of your organization's culture. Examples include:


  • Assessment and Strategic Planning 

  • Improving  Talent Retention & Acquisition

  • Fostering Engagement & Motivation

  • Increasing Co-Creation & Innovation 

  • Exploring Effective Communication

  • Constructive Conflict Management 

  • Hybrid Work Environment Flow

  • Practiced Equity & Inclusion

  • Applied AI Ethics &Partnering with Technology

Business Meeting

Team Coaching

Designed to fit your needs following Assessment & Strategic Planning


Workshop Topics (with content adapted to fit your organization's needs) include:

  • Training in Emotional, Social & Creative  Intelligences (ESC-Q) 

  • Increasing Co-Creation & Innovation 

  • Effective Listening & Communication

  • Constructive Conflict Management 

  • Hybrid Work Flow

  • Practiced Equity & Inclusion

  • Applied AI Ethics & Partnering with Technology

  • Regenerative Systems Design

Business Presentation
Motivational Speaker

Leadership Speech & Communication Coaching

Designed to fit your needs

I’ve been a participant in two of Marisa’s sessions (Soulful Facilitation and Conflict Management: Everyday Peacemaking). In the conflict workshop, Marisa pushed us into more insightful self-awareness and then got out of the way, allowing us to explore more perspectives on conflicts. Afterwards I felt equipped with specific steps for how to prepare myself for a difficult series of conversations. She helped us develop a greater sense of flexibility in approaching these conversations. This gave me confidence so that I could listen and respond better in conflict situations. I have applied every single one of her ideas with success.

Pamela Patton

Director of Pastoral Ministries

Unitarian Church of All Souls NYC

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