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ACT: Adapt, Co-Create, Transform

Understanding how is core to leadership for the future

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Supporting Adaptive Leaders 
Navigating Constantly Changing Landscapes

Open Channel Culture partners with businesses, schools, healthcare and organizations to support Adaptive Leaders navigating constantly changing landscapes.

Ability to succeed in this emerging future is increasingly determined by how effectively leaders can adapt, reflect, and transform as regenerative organizations in alignment with rapidly evolving technologies and sustainable development goals that support the well-being of humanity and the planet.


What We Do

Customized support to help you reach your unique goals


Human Arts Lab

Interactive, experiential programs reimagining the future through education in essential human skills in partnership with intelligent technologies.  Exploring multiple intelligences and disciplines leading to transformation. H.A.L. connects the dots for innovation: head, heart, hand, and creativity.


Adaptive Leadership

We help you optimize the unique potential of Adaptive Leaders and teams to co-create and sustain agile cultures for the emerging future through: Coaching, Talks, Interactive Workshops & Programs

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Public Speaking

Learn how to craft motivational speeches and keynotes on a variety of topics including AI ethics, human uniqueness, emotional, social, & creative intelligence, and transforming conflict.

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AI Ethics

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Organizational Culture

We help you continually review and revise individual & collective connections to foster participation. Learn to incorporate the different elements of culture into your organization: Vision, Mission, Pillars, Values, Community Agreements, Behaviors, Decision-Making, Outcomes

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Sustainability & Regenerative Business

There is no time to waste. The planet and humanity need us all to take action. Learn the newest and most cutting edge information and strategies to address Climate Repair, using Regenerative Design and constructive partnerships with technology in business, in schools, and in communities.

Effective leaders for the future contribute to the potential and consequences of AI. This requires a multidisciplinary approach; combining AI literacy with human skills to promote human-centered development & mobilization of AI systems.


Professional & Organizational Change is Personal

Are you going through a big change?
Is your organization changing?

Do you want to inspire, building an organizational culture where people thrive?

Business Plan
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Are you reimagining what you really want? 

Are you reimagining what your organization wants to contribute to the world?

Are you retaining the talented members of your teams? Are you attracting new talent?

Are you feeling stuck, trying to make decisions in the midst of uncertainty?

Do your teams need to collaborate and communicate better together?

Are your teams engaged and motivated to take the action?


Fists in Solidarity

Let us help!


Clients & Partners

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 Marisa’s breadth of knowledge, education, training and life experience has made her a unique force in the world of corporate culture, team development and “organizational humanity”. She is a teacher of teachers, a master facilitator and a guru of emotional intelligence. Marisa brings a unique approach to developing organizations from the top down as well as from inside out. She provides leaders with the tools to create extremely productive ecosystems, creative environments, and happy and empowered employees. And we all know where that leads – talent retention, extremely satisfied clients and profitability.


Lisa Wheeler

Head of Content and Programming Fitness+ at Apple

Former VP of Fitness at Daily Burn

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